One of my dearest girlfriends calls me a "Mac God(ess)". As a fitting tribute to that, and the fact that I spend weeks living in jeans, and then alternate weeks living in skirts, this seems to be a cycle I have followed for years. I love no-fuss clothing, and prefer to have items that are neutral, versatile, and can be paired with a number of different accessories to change them up. So whilst most people look at their clothing as the cake, and their accessories as frosting, I seem to look at it the other way. When you have neutral no fuss clothing, everything in your jewelry box is fair game. 

Especially love pairing my "tech geek" clothing with an extravagantly long necklace. This one, in black and white freshwater pearls, is opera length, so you can double it up, layer it with other pieces you own, and just generally go out there and still be glam. 

If only helping out my dear tech challenged friend was that easy!!!

Necklace: Black and White Pearls with Iridescent Black Duster,found HERE

Have a great week y'all!


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