OOH! I COULD'NT CARRY THAT OFF....... September 30 2014 1 Comment


Having sold jewellery directly for over 3 years now, I have met with so many women - different ages, races, skin colour ( not being politically incorrect here), hair colour, height weigh, you name it - I’ve seen it.

Here are the 4 key thing that I have to say about buying jewellery, and you are unsure about whether or not you could carry it off. Whether you’re buying fine, fun or somewhere in between.

If you don’t think you look good in what you’re wearing, neither will any one else. If you have the confidence you can pull off almost any type of jewellery with any type of outfit. 
If you are the self confident, the type of clothes and or assessor  you wear, almost become irrelevant. I have a friend, who’s TINY!! ( 5 feet tall in her highest heels), and she rocks some of our largest necklaces and earrings with the greatest aplomb. She has never come to me and said. “Oh that’s too big for me to wear” Her confidence allows her to carry it all off.


Have some fun with your jewellery. It’s just jewellery. Not a tattoo. Not a piercing. Not a life partner. Just jewellery. 
You can take it off at the end of the day, and try with another outfit and or mindset tomorrow.


Many individuals believe that the colour of their jewellery must match the colt of the clothing that they are wearing. So untrue. Contrasting the colour of your accessories from those of y our clothing will actually add personality and intensify both elements of your outfit. As long as you keep your jewellery in harmonising colour groups, the style doesn't need to be the same.


Again on of the oldies -  “Don’t mix silver with gold. Mixing metals creates a fresh and contemporary look.
Try mixing them up. Try wearing 3 metallic tones together. 
Oxidised  silver? Sure. Rose gold? Definitely.
Wear them all together? NOW, we're talking!Written by Anaita Thakkar for Lustre Jewellery.