Ahhh! The heat is on!
Which usually signifies a less is more, pared down approach to life. This year however there are a number of trends which have us forgo all minimalist touches, and embrace anything big, bold and audacious.


One-sided Earrings
Pick a side, either side. Welcome to the crazed serial killer earring. Rather than the traditional pairing, runway stylists lightened the accessory and give emphasis to one side usually with an elongated, single stud dangler. This is not the time to be a wallflower. Pick a single punchy bold piece and leave the other ear bare.
Can’t bear to go naked on the other side? Pair it with a simple minimalist stud earring in the other ear.


Oops, Mismatched?
Leave behind everything symmetrical and balanced. You could go all out and wear 1 each from 2 different pairs entirely, or take the subtler way out by keeping a little bit of balance by changing only some details and colours. Luckily, we have this sorted for you, in our newest arrivals with the multi gem chandeliers. Each pair is unique and one of kind. That makes your mismatched pair that teeny bit more special.
Want to amp it up just a little bit more? Our multi Tourmaline and Blue Opal cuffs stacked up on one side, gives this look that little extra bit of edge.



Huge Pendants
Get noticed! They will definitely won’t miss those gigantic pendants.  Bold pendants give a rebellious vibe to a look especially when paired with leather jackets and or distressed jeans. Channel that alluring vintage feel with our huge pendants infused with gemstone  touches.

 Wonder Woman Style  

Taking a cue perhaps from the summer’s biggest blockbuster hit, "Wonder Woman", designers are swearing off paired matched earrings, and in a twist of life imitating art, bringing in ( as a reverse statement)  identical bracelets and cuffs worn on both handWould you wear one of these on each wrist? Or is it too much?


So anyone who has followed lustre’s collection for a while, sees that I design somehthing with tassels every year. WHY?????? Whilst the fervent and sometime slightly rabid obsession with tassels might have passed, there is a poor possibility that we will ever bid adieu to this jewelry trend. I have paste jewellery that belonged to my great grandmother that has tassels in it. Besides, is there anything that screams the boho luxe vibe more effectively than a strategically placed tassel? I think not.
This year we have reinvented it with our happy tassel earrings  as part of our Fiesta collection. Successfully spreading happy bohemian vibes, these earrings give a certain playfulness to any look.



The thing that makes trying out jewelry trends so much fun, is that its so easy to switch your look around. It's not as permanent as a tattoo, or as slow growing as a bad haircut.
As always I look forward to any comments you might have.


Wherever you are heading this summer, stay safe, and remember the sunscreen.




This article was written for Lustre Jewellery by Anaita Thakkar.


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