May signifies Spring, Green and Emeralds; The colour of growth, immortality, and life. It renews and restores depleted energy. Emerald green is an emotionally positive colour and is a balancer of our emotional, mental and physical energies.

As a colour it plays well with a number of others on the colour wheel. Always nice with beige, black and other calm neutrals. Think Emerald green skinnies with a Blush blouse. If you really want to push the envelope just a teeny bit more, consider pairing it with Spruce, a deeper forest-green, Navy; not as harsh as black but just as safe. Chalk - which can brighten the look. However, if you're personality doesn't have the slightest bit of wallflower in it, consider our wild card and pair it with Eggplant. A rich sumptuous shade which makes for an unlikely but still interesting union.


Emerald greens at Lustre Jewellery




Decorating your home with this colour that is synonymous with wealth, prosperity and luxury, means that it goes well with other colours that evoke that same air of richness and elegance. 

Where ever you choose to use this colour, it is guaranteed to be a sure hit.

What are your favourite greens? Do you wear, use or decorate much with green? would love to know.