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Clutch Bag - Baby Blue & Silver with Cobalt Tassel

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Weaving dhurries has become a vital part of smaller Indian economies. The dhurrie rug used to make your clutch is hand woven in a village in Rajasthan.

It takes between 8-10 days for an artisan to weave these rugs by hand. With this cottage industry, hundreds of women dhurrie weavers have empowered themselves with their craft, and have been able to raise the living standards of their families.

Our rugs are then sent to Jaipur where they are stitched into these fabulous clutches, and embellished with their tassels which are also hand made. 

Each bag is fully lined with a beautiful fuchsia cotton. 

Your clutch handbag is a functional piece of artwork. Bold patterns and colors are certain to make statement.

  • 100% cotton sourced from South India.
  • Size: 6 inches height - 10 inches length.
  • Typically ships out within 24 hours.