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Ring - Solitude - Shanti in Moonstone Rectangle

$149.00 SGD

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This superb 24 carat gold plated brass ring is set with a gorgeous rectangle cut inset with another semi-precious stone. Its design makes it a unique spectacular pieces to wear alone

  • 19mm by 16 mm flat cut Moonstone gemstone
  • Tourmaline pin center stone
  • Set in a gold plated brass 
  • U.S. ring size 6 - 16.50 mm in diameter 
  • U.S. ring size 7 - 17.25 mm in diameter
  • U.S. ring size 8 - 18.00 mm in diameter
  • U.S. ring size 9 - 18.89 mm in diameter
  • Typically ships out within 24 hours
  • Moonstone is very often known to be the stone of calmness and growth.
  • Since all our gemstones are natural, we encourage you to embrace the subtle nuances of the variations that may occur. Some of the stones display natural inclusions, which is a general term for crystals where liquid and gas filled cavities are enclosed within the gemstone. These inclusions are often highly characteristic of the mineral or gem concerns and form the basis of the distinction between natural and synthetic stones. We do not consider them to be a flaw but part of the natural character of the stone.
  • Due to their wide ring band we recommend you size up between 0.5 to 1 full ring size to be able to wear these rings comfortably.
  • Ring Size Chart