When a piece of jewellery is displayed in a shop, show booth, or even at a private event, surrounded by hundreds of other designs, all vying for your attention, it can sometimes be damn near impossible to  make a choice. Some people get that scared, “Deer in the headlights” look, freeze, hum, haw, try on loads of pieces and then buy……Nothing. Take that entire process online, and you can take all the time in the world, create piece charts and spreadsheets, compare brands, and generally come to a careful decision that is entirely your own. 

 With shopping online you get:

Where else can you shop in your jammies, whilst sipping on a beverage of your choice?
No waiting in lines, no being pestered by an assistant. ‘
You can shop in minutes, (assuming you’ve consulted all those pie charts and spreadsheets). You’re not subjected to the art of upsetting or impulse buying. ( okay, I’ve done the last one)


Better Deals/Price Comparison
Many Online retailers, Lustre included reward their online buyers with coupons and deals.
And many of them, again Lustre included manage to keep their prices lower than their bricks-and-mortar competitors, for the simple reason that they don’t pay rent. 


Free Shipping, Returns and Protection
Ok, I admit, I loathe parking, I hate actually trawling the mall, and I love being able to try on my new clothes, shoes etc with the accessories I actually own.
Buy what you want, return what you don’t. Made that much easier with so many sites offering free shipping, and or returns. Pay with Paypal, and as a buyer, you are incredibly protected as well just in the event that the experience goes sour. 
Lustre is just one of the many companies that offer you a no questions asked refund. Bought something and that beautiful emerald green looked puce on you? No problem, just send it back, and we give you a refund. 


Discreet Purchases
Some things are just better done in private. And NO! We’re not talking about picking your nose.
There are just some people who would rather their significant others not know what they’ve bought when they bought it, or how much they paid.
Once again, shopping online just makes it easier. Not to mention that if you're a working professional, you quite frankly, just DON'T have time to shop.


But what if you refuse to see that E-commerce is just going to keep on growing, you want to touch, feel, taste, and smell before you lay down your plastic?

Well, in that case, you drop us an email and visit us at our showroom right here in Singapore!


Written by Anaita Thakkar for Lustre Jewellery



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