Lustre specialises in gemstone jewellery that is hand crafted by gifted artisans around the world. 

As a brand, Lustre focuses on creating perfect gemstone jewellery for the many roles the contemporary woman plays. An integral part of their designs is the ability for them to be worn singly or with pieces you already own. They embrace the need for colour, for versatility, for the artisanal. Since their pieces employ natural gemstones which are organic, clients are  encouraged to embrace the idea of the "perfectly imperfect", which is in itself a reflection of nature, and the world around us. 

Thakkar, the founder-owner is a self taught designer,  and doesn't design anything unless it has a genuine personal connection to her, either symbolically or through her life experience. Because of her passion for detail and flair for design, Lustre has developed a loyal following, becoming the quiet secret place women visit to treat, gift or reward themselves with jewellery that’s both unique and lasting. Thakkar works directly with the silversmiths and prides herself in embracing uncompromising quality.

Wedding? Birthday? Interview? An accessory to rock your jeans and white tee?

Sometimes a good piece of jewellery is all you need.