From Bestseller, to the latest gadgets, and sometimes even groceries, there is no denying that the internet makes it easy to do comparison shipping.
However, with over 40 million businesses being “self employed”, and with more than 50% of new jobs being created from there, there is no better time to shop local.
From your favourite coffee shops, local boutiques to veterinarian clinics, it is impressive to think about the amount of time, commitment and labour, these owners contribute to make sure that their businesses both come to life, and stay alive.

But for many shoppers out there, small and independent businesses are often overlooked too often for all the wrong reasons.

Here’s WHY you should be shopping local.

Your spending boosts the local economy
More that 50% of every dollar spent, stays in the local economy, compared to only 40% with larger businesses. 


Ethical Choice
For every purchase you make online that comes from halfway around the world, your eco credentials get lowered, and your carbon footprint, larger. A smaller footprint also comes with the benefits of less packaging and waste, not to mention a cleaner more global conscience.


Quirky One- Offs
Independent boutiques and designers stock items, which are often hand crafted and unique. This means that there is little chance of you turning up at the office Christmas party wearing the same out or accessory as someone else. Very often, you get the meet the designer, artisan or owner of the business yourself. Thereby completely changing your perspective on the item you bought, and enriching the sales experience for you both. 


Supporting Local Entrepreneurs
Artisan markets help to foster talents for the next generations of designers and retailers in your local community. They are often the hotbeds of innovation and there is a contestant turnover of new products. Sellers get direct feedback from the customer’s demands, thereby creating a tailor made experience for the local shopper. Think durian ice-cream, and you will understand what I am talking about.

Some of my favourite local labels in Singapore include:

A newcomer on the local scene, I happen to love this brand. Helmed by local social media icon Velda Tan, the label brings adorable luxury, sharp looks that are timeless and elegant to today’s savvy set.

By the self taught designer Danielle Woo, Aijek has everything you want from fun bright colours in clean minimalist looks, to a more floaty ethereal look. With generous sizing that goes up to a US size 14, they have real clothes, for real bodes. Am particularly in love with their lace skirts - perfect for those hot summer nights.

It really can’t get more local than this for me. Located a short stroll from my back gate, perfect for those lazy Sunday mornings. The kids play in the park, we stock up on fabulous bread for the week and indulge (far more than we should) on yummy baked goods. Helmed by one of the most respected bakers on the plant, but brought about very locally, this bakery can very often have standing room only.

Pronounced similar to the word “NICE,”  this quirky shop has all Singapore made products across art, kitchen, homeware, fashion and tech. 
Located conveniently around the corner from Lustre @ Amoy, I love surfing their website and trawling their store. 
If you ever wanted to buy a curry puff shaped cushion, or find the perfect quintessential Singaporean gift for a friend that's leaving here, this shop should be your go to place.

Written by Anaita Thakkar for Lustre Jewellery.


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