This week has been a weird one. 

You know? Those weeks where you keep adding notes to your “to do” list, but somehow just feel so blah that you cant actually start working on them?

In a bid to do better for the coming week, I have given myself the permission to just be kind to myself for the next 4 days, and hit next week with great vigour and focus.

Keeping that in mind, these are the steps that I am taking right now to make that happen next week.

The desktop has been tidied and beautified.


 I bought my favourite candle.

I keep water at my desk.

My computer is clutter free, and the desktop has a minimal number of icons on it.

The to do list has a black marker near it, so I can savagely cross of the items I have already finished.


I’d love to hear - what are your top ways to get organised to start working when your mind is all ‘Bleh”



till next time.