The Eivor Collection launches online on 18 October 2018, and I thought this would be a great time to write out the interview that we had with Sabrina.
This is the first time Lustre has collaborated on a collection, and it has been a wonderful experience, and a learning curve for both Sabrina and I.
In the lead up to this collaboration, I've had so many people ask me, "Why Sabrina?". I assume that they mean, why not a blogger/influencer collaboration with someone who has a gazillion followers. To answer that is simple. To thine own self be true. I love Sabrina's sense of style, I love how easy going she is, and the most important thing was to be collaborating with someone who I could trust on a design front. I can be a bit OCD, and I needed to know that my baby's ( Lustre's) brand ethos stayed true.
Its been amazing to see the world of gemstones through different design "eyes", and this has been a wonderful journey.
I'd like to introduce you all to the loveliness that is Sabrina Sikora-
Give us some context -  
Hi! I'm Sabrina. I'm a 34 year old wife and mom of two currently based in Singapore  but originally from Macon, Georgia. We lived in Hong Kong for the nine years prior and NY before that. I've been a fashion and portrait photographer for 15 years, a model for 20 years, and a fashion blogger since 2010. Fashion, style, and dressing to extremes have always been my thing and I love being in the business of discovering, creating, and nurturing beautiful things. Seeing the world through a photographers eye is a gift as you can find the beauty in everyday normality. You know that it is fleeting and you learn just how to capture it to make it last. 
Why jewellery?
I am a jewelry addict and frequently found wearing far more pieces than recommended. It started in middle school when I would layer silver bracelets, long before it was known as an "arm party". Then I added loads of rings to my long fingers and eventually the chains and jewels wrapped around every limb that could support them. I am 6ft tall with very long hands so I always said that I had to wear big jewelry so you could find it on me as dainty stuff got lost. I frequently modeled for jewelry brands as I most of my work centered around my face and hands and this allowed me to play dress ups with all the major brands out there. My addiction was fed over and over and I became very interested in the people behind the brands and their personal styles. Jewelry can act as an armor and give you something to play with when nervous. It also makes a great conversation starter which is often necessary as an expat constantly trying to socialize and network with new people. 
What inspired you for this collection?
This collection began while I was pregnant with my daughter Eivor. I wanted something clean and simple and beautiful that I could pass to her and it would feel as fresh then as it does now. The stones used are all stress relieving and calming stones which can provide her comfort and peace even at times when I'm not by her side. The crystal quartz is the most powerful stone and she can set her own intentions on it making the jewelry truly hers one day. But for now my intentions are to raise my kids in the best way that I am capable of. 
A little about your sense of style. Who is SABRINA SIKORA on a sartorial front?
My style is relaxed glamour. I like to be overdressed so I can easily go about my day and head straight to an event or dinner with my husband without the need to go and change. I like functionality in the fact that I can pick up a child or camera and do my thing without fussing with my clothing too much. I don't want to have to suck in... ever! Long caftans, kimonos, flamboyant suits, and coordinating sets in a range of black and whites are my go-to's. Pre-kids I used to dress in loads of colors, mix and match prints, and would spend 40 minutes picking out my outfit and accessorizing. Post-kids I switched to nearly all black and white as everything works together and I can get ready in eight minutes flat. It's my superpower that my husband truly appreciates
Your favourite piece in the collection is?
It's hard to say! I really love the five piece earring set as you can wear it 10 different ways and I wear these near daily! I also love the crystal bar necklace as the double point makes the stone an energy generator and boots your intentions into the universe. Plus, it just looks really cool on!  It looks great with a basic white button down shirt adding an edgy vibe to a very classic look. 
Why black and white?
I'm all about balance. The Yin and Yang of it all. Black and white is effortlessly chic and always in style. I keep all my pieces on my vanity and grab several as I rush out the door knowing they all look good together and with whatever I am wearing.
How did the collaboration with Lustre come about? And what's the journey been like?
Obviously all good things come from Instagram! Anaita reached out to me with the idea and the only stipulation was that I use real gemstones. I was very excited by the idea but really had to sit down and think about what I wanted to create. What was I missing from my collection? What did I want to wear but couldn't find out there? What would look good and go with everything? I scoured pinterest, magazines, jewelry sites, my friends collections until I knew the direction. I wanted simple designs that would go day to night with ease. Designs that would look at home in any city. Designs for busy women doing powerful things at work and at home. Anaita and I worked together to make the designs feasible and user friendly. I will never forget that feeling when I held the first piece. The dream was real! 
The fashion world is all about working together and sharing and expanding on ideas to create something great. This was no different. As one idea wouldn't work another would blossom into something far more fabulous than before. I'm so pleased with the final turnout and can't wait to share it with everyone! 
Eivor launches on 18 October  2018

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