Behind the scenes with Ms. YIn | Ms. Yang:

A quick bit of natter with these 2 lovely ladies as they posed, pouted, and charmed their way through this shoot, despite the 35 degree heat, not once breaking a sweat. 

Warning - you are going to be very, very jealous of their wardrobes and style when you peruse their website here and their insta feed here. Don't say I didn't warn you:

The first thing I saw as I was waiting for them, was an extra extra large Uber pull up. Then emerged seemingly 4 feet of legs clad in silver slippers ( Ms. Yin); then the very sexily fierce ensemble of Ms Yang in her (RWARRRR) leopard print pants. From there on, it was fun, laughter and many outfit changes later, we were done in a snappy 2 hours.

Though this strikes too close to home for some, this backdrop made me laugh. "Become a slave....." with the unwritten ending being " fashion."


They had some great advice on styling- 

"Pick one great statement piece with clean lines and let that be the stand out! Try wearing a statement necklace over a shirt buttoned all the way to the top. Or try a cuff over the sleeve of a fitted long sleeve top. Earrings your thing? Go for a slick ponytail and bold lip to draw the eye up." Ms. Yin
"Go BOLD or go HOME - ok not really. For the minimalist crew, I would say don't avoid the statement pieces completely, instead stick to the simpler statement pieces and pick one rather than stacking like we do. So for example, one single line cuff or drop earrings only or necklace only. This way they can still enjoy the bigger pieces but pared down. Or avoid the bigger pieces completely, and instead stick to the single long necklaces rather than the statement agate pendants and the more delicate styles of bracelet rather than the bolder bracelets. Avoid clashing colours and shapes - keep it simple. Go for the simple styles - avoid overly fussy and ornate pieces." Ms. Yang


On their pieces from Lustre -
"I like the labradorite cuff as it can be worn alone (I have a labradorite ring that it pairs beautifully with) or stacked with either matching cuffs as we did for the post or a mix of gold bangles for a more arm party feel." Ms. Yin
"Surprisingly (and Ms.Yin will love this) my black pieces have been the most versatile. The black agate necklace and the black agate single line cuff." Ms. Yang
Their suggestions for Lustre going forward-
"Would love to have one stockist in Sg or HK so people can try the pieces on. The weight of your pieces is so nice and you can't tell that from the website. I know we chatted about this at my place but if there is a place to make it work that would be awesome. More large stone rings." - Ms. Yin
"Agate pendants - either make them removable so you can switch to a different length necklace. A lot of the time I end up shortening my black agate pendant. It would be great if I could either remove it to put on a shorter necklace or if you could make the beaded part of the necklace adjustable." - Ms. Yang

Read the full article HERE 

See the products worn by these 2 lovelies:

Sabrina Sikora aka Ms. Yin chose the following:

Temple Spike Cuff

Temple Spike Earrings

Labradorite Cuff

Neptune Cuff in Sage

Neptune Cuff in Sapphire 

Druzy Pendant

Druzy Ring

Freeform Ruby Earrings

Double Line Agate Cuffs ( sold out )


Katie Kay aka Ms Yang chose the following:

Green Onyx & Rock Crystal Necklace

Neptune Cuff in Sage

Neptune Cuff in Emerald

Neptune Cuff in Cobalt

Naked Ring in Green Onyx

Layering Necklaces from Uber Rani

Gemstone & Druzy Cuffs from Raw

Railroad Crossover Cuff

Agate Pendant from Bollywood

Anemone Earrings


Till next time - Happy Holidays.





This article was written by Anaita Thakkar for Lustre Jewellery



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