Hello my lovelies,

We have had a crazy busy November and December 2017. 

We've had one child decide to really pursue choir ( yay ), one child decide to drop music ( #toolazytopractice). The MOTH is starting his own business ( yay  + gulp ). I have been busy with end of year events, 2018 collection design and production; family visiting; family holidays and just general end of year drama.
PS: this post Is NOT about any of this but if you have any helpful tips on how you manage stress, please do help me out and drop in a comment below? I'd really appreciate it.


January in our home is generally a month where we resolutely make no resolutions, ( barring me who has had the exact same resolution year after year - to say yes more often ); start fitness regimes which generally get abandoned my March; and hibernate most evenings at home playing Uno or Dumb charades at home with the kids ( yes, we're really that glamorous ). 

But February? Oooh - we ❣️ February in our home.  This year's February has a quadruple whammy in our home, and I'm excited about so many things. This year we have CC1 turning 14 ( I survived my first year of being a mother to a teenager), the hubs and I celebrate out 16 year wedding anniversary, I will have possession of the latest collection coming in for Lustre, and of course Chinese New Year ( I love the red lanterns - that's good enough a reason). Most of all about including more red in my wardrobe. Having done a huge wardrobe cleanup in December, I realised that I literally do not have a single garment in my wardrobe that is red. How is that even possible having lived between Hong Kong and Singapore for 25 years is beyond me. But - it needs to be rectified immediately. 

So without much ado, here are my favourite outfit ideas for celebrating ALL my happy events this month. I suspect that neither the budget or the figure will allow for all of these, but hey I had fun putting them together. 

Date night glam - Anniversary dinner:

Dress & Shoes: Givenchy
Lippie + Mascara : Chanel
Clutch: Debenhams
Earrings: Lustre


Teen's party - will accompany with rolling eyes to fit right in:

T: H&M
Jeans :Kara Jeans 
Shoes: Doc Martens
Cuff: Lustre
Earrings: Lustre

Post Excess running around

Outfit: Collate The Label
Scarf: Calvin Klein
Bag: OBX look 
Earrings: Lustre
Cuffs: Lustre
What are your go to looks? 
Would love to hear. 
Till next time,
Anaita Thakkar for Lustre Jewellery

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