STYLE GUIDE - COOL BLUES November 04 2017

The Cool Blues and how to wear pearls without channeling in the "auntie" look.

Being parsi means that pearls are a part of my DNA, so I always find it interesting when people tell me that they "can't" wear pearls because they look too grown up. Having mulled it over for a while, I realised that I wear pearls in every colour, shape, size and length with just about anything I own, and never feel that they look too "grown up.". Admittedly I am now officially "grown up" age, but hey ho.

Here we have paired our fabulous Blue Topaz and Pearl Necklace  with a pair of ice blue pants, and an easy grey t shirt. Wear elegant sandals so that the look still looks polished. And there you go!

We have a crazy November - what are you folks up to?