A great leather jacket is a worthwhile investment that you can enjoy at any age. Though the styles come and go, the motorcycle or Moto remains a constant that gets reinvented every couple of years. 

Here we have 3 cool looks that show you just how versatile this piece actually is:


1. The Cool Black Leather Moto Jacket

When you think of a leather jacket, this is the one your mind instantly conjures up.  It’s tough, it’s rocker and oh, so cool. Wear it with jeans, red nails and a red lip to make it a little more feminine. And a little bit of bling never hurt anyone right? RIGHT?????


2. If Black's too butch......

....fret not.  A softer color can make all the difference.  Take a look below to see what I mean. Paired with stripes, sandals and bold necklace, this jacket takes you places. 

3. And if you're really a "girly girl"......

....but dont want to miss out on the trend. Pastels have been drifting over to the biker jacket world. Here’s a moto style jacket, that’s not leather; is soft and pretty without looking too perfectly precious. Perfectly accessorised here with our Naked rings, and Neptune Cuffs.


So which moto look is you?